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A high standard in quality

All apartments of the Strandresidenz-Kühlungsborn count as some of the best in Germany.

Famous guests are no rarity at the Strandresidenz, not only since the G8-summit in Heiligendamm. Politicians, managers, or actors – they all know that they can safely move around here. This is because of countless safety measures. We have listed a few out, without going into detail. We are happy to answer any of your questions personally.

Safety and surveillance techniques

The whole house and compound is under video surveillance. Every apartment has a separate alarm system that can be controlled individually by a central display. The webcam gives current pictures from the immediate surroundings, from the promenade to the entrance of the port.

Safety precautions of the building

Every apartment has burglary-inhibiting windows and doors that are equipped with robust shutters that can be controlled electrically and therefore can be pre-programmed (Safety, dimming, privacy shield).

The underground garage is secured through alarm systems and even gives armoured vehicles enough space to move. Additionally, the spaces can be locked (Every apartment has 2 parking spaces reserved). From the underground garage, you can reach any floor, directly through our lift.

Excellent determining factors

Helicopters can land right next to the villa on the grass area. Guests that arrive with safety personnel, can accommodate their companions in apartments with connecting doors. For bigger groups, you can also book three apartments on the same floor.

For conferences, presentations or events in small groups, we recommend our penthouse: This is where up to 12 people can have the whole top floor for themselves.

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Dates & facts

Safety precautions in an overview

  1. Video surveillance
  2. Alarm systems for all apartments and many near-by areas
  3. Burglary-inhibiting windows and doors
  4. Electronic shutters
  5. Intelligent key-system
  6. More safety elements
  7. We would love to answer any of your questions regarding technical details and functions

Pictures from the webcam

  1. The webcam of the Strandresidenz-Kühlungsborn sends colourful images daily from 8am to 10pm. The camera has a zooming function and shows the promenade by Kühlungsborn-East, over the Seabridge Kühlungsborn, the beach, to the beginning of the port and back.

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