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Pure relaxation – with incredible views

Fresh salt-breeze, soft sand and smooth waves – walks by the Baltic Sea are an amazing experience

Since 1850, prominent figures from politics, economy and culture, have come to the famous town Kühlungsborn to experience the healthy climate and the beautiful scenery to relax. You have countless possibilities – in the apartments and also right in front of your door.

Stop time and re-energize

Take a relaxing walk on the 3km-long promenade or right in town. Experience the beautiful old buildings and the famous architecture. This is where time must’ve really stopped moving. The happenings by the port between the majestic yachts and nostalgic sailing boats are just as placid to see.

You will be able to find tranquillity and solitude on one of the many trails, near the meadows and small forests, through the appealing scenery of the Mecklenburg Bay.

You enjoy a little romance?

Only few steps away from our doorstep, the 100m wide beach begins. This is where you can walk by the coast line and drift away. With your feet in the sea, for hours and up to 6km long, you will barely be able to find anything that will unwind you more.

Soothing climate – within your own four walls

For relaxing hours ‘at home’ we advise you to enjoy your beach chair on your balcony. Whoever enjoys the chilliness of the shadows, will find this inside the apartment. Our modernized ventilation system cares for fresh air and quality – free from pollen and other irritants.

The room temperature can be individually changed through an easily-operated display. The electronic shutters help to keep the apartments from heating up too much, even at intense sun exposure.

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Dates & facts

Healthy Baltic Sea Climate

In Kühlungsborn, as everywhere else at the Baltic Sea, we have a healthy climate all throughout the year with a high salt- and iodine content in the air, although it is lower than at the North Sea, which makes it healthier for the human body.

A walk by the Baltic Sea acts as a visit at an inhalatorium and helps with your overall comfort.

Proven water quality

Swimming season begins May 20th and ends September 20th. During this time, regular check-ups are done by employees of the local health authorities, at least once a month. Next to visual inspection on pollution and clusters of algae, on site the visual depth and pH-value are being measured. If needed, warnings and bathing bans are being issued. Altogether, 38 bathing sites on Binnensee and the Baltic Sea are being controlled, in Kühlungsborn the measuring points are on the main-bay area East and in the port. 2009, the water on the coast by Bad Doberan was almost only ‘Very good’.

European trails

The route of the long-distance walking trail E9 goes right by our entrance gate. The whole trail connects Portugal – Spain – France – Belgium – The Netherlands – Germany – Poland and Braniewo by the Russian border by Kalingrad/Königsberg.

Along the German Baltic Sea coastline, the route reaches to Travemünde to Ahlbeck and is around 400km long. This trail is almost always near the coastline, so that all famous beaches can be reached by foot. The difference in altitude is very small so that they can be done by elders as well.

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