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Entertainment technology

You will always stay in focus

Free telephone, WIFI by the beach and over 3.000 channels to choose from. There is nothing you will miss out on …


Every apartment is equipped with its own ISDN-extension number system. This includes two telephones, both with big digits, one answer machine and one fax connection. The fax machine will be supplied on your request.

• 1 telephone (fixed)
• 1 DECT-telephone (cablefree)
• 1 fax machine

Feature: Calls by fixed line in many countries, in D1-net and also its DSL-usage are for our guest free of charge! The reception of the telephone reaches to the beach.

Internet access

In each room are at least one connection port to the direct LAN-connection to DSL. A connection cable is ready for you to use. Unfortunately the T-Com only offers the lowest DSL-speed (ca. 1.400 kbps). Our WIFI reaches to the beach.


A computer with internet access can be found in the wellness- and leisure area, in the basement of our house. The computer is free to use for all our guests.


We have powerful terrestrial and Satellite receivers – you get to choose: around 2000 TV-channels and 1000 radio stations can be enjoyed. Every apartment has a TV (Technisat HD Vision 32) with Multi-Tuner and countless ports, incl. USB- and headphone. With this TV (only one remote control) you can even receive UKW in stereo.

All TVs have their own CI-slide-in space and a CONAX-Smartcard-reader for many encryption-systems integrated. It is therefore worth it to bring along your own PAY-TV-Card (For Sat!), CI-Module. If you have questions regarding its use you can always talk to out house technician. He used to work as a broadcasting- and television technician and would love to help you out.

Every living room has a separate Micro-MP3-HiHi-machine, with the following functions:
• MW-/UKW-Stereo-Radio with 10 Stationsavors and outer antenna connectors
• CD/MP3-Player for CD-R/CD-RW (MP3-kompatible)
• 64programmable CD-Titles
• Cassette deck with One-Touch-Recording
• Headphone-Connection as well as RCA-connection for AUX-usage
• Maximum music usage: 200 Watt (or similar)

For the children’s room we have purchased a cassette player. By the way: Almost all sockets are childprove.

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Free of charge*

Our guests can use all devices free of charge. Connection cables such as DSL or telephone connections into the fixed line of many countries and into D1-Net are for you to use at any time:

  1. TV/Radio-charge
  2. Telephone-Flatrate (Fixed line, D1)
  3. Fax, Internet, DSL

Along with these, you are always welcome to use our sauna, bikes, and more (Again, free of charge).

Satellites & channel connection 

Out of four satellites, we receive 2000, mostly un-encrypted TV-channels and around 1000 radio stations. The antenna signals are connected over a Multiswitch-distribution from the company SPAUN, in a star-like manner over the 70 HomeWay-Multimedia sockets all throughout the house.

  1. Digital Satellite-TV and -Radio (DVB-S) from 4 Satellites
  2. Terrestristrial Digital-TV (DVB-T): around 12 German TV-channels and 4 programmes from Denmark
  3. Terrestristrial UKW-Radio

At the moment, we receive next to the positions Eutelsat 13 Grad and Astra 19,2 Grad also the position 23 and 28,3/28,5 Grad. At good weather, we receive even British programmes from the BBS and ITV.


Technisat HD-Vision 32 

is a Multimedia-LDC-TV with multifaceted equipment. The innovative Multi-receiving tuner connects all receiving signals in one machine. An additional receiver is not needed. The following receiving possibilities are available:

  1. Digital TV and Radio over satellite (DVB-S)
  2. Digital TV or radio over antenna (DVB-T)
  3. Analogue Radio-receivers over antenna (UKW/FM)

Through the CI-port and the smartcard-reading machine, the HD-vision is also perfect to use to receive Pay-TV-channels. The versatile connecting possibilities of the HD-vision leave no wishes unanswered. Without a problem, you can connect most machines with this LCD-TV.

You can therefore use the HDMI-connector to transfer audio- and video signals without a loss in quality or data compression. Every HDMI-port enables a good put from up to 5Gbit/s and allows excellent image and audio.

The integrated DigiButler allows many additional services. For example SiehFernINFO – a comfortable programme information service with up to seven days preview, or ISIPRO – an automatic programme listing-actualisation through satellite.

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