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Low allergic living

Systematic air supply

Allergy-friendly housing is a matter of the heart for us. This is why we have only worked with effective precautions from the start.

Every apartment has a VALLOX-facility for controlled ventilation of the whole apartment. Through this ventilation-system, the air is being filtered through rough- pollen- and fine filters and is being released back into the apartment in a draught-free manner. Thanks to this systematic ventilation-system, and at the same time, removal of pollutants and dampness, mould is debarred from the beginning. This makes it unnecessary to sleep with opened windows at night, or to open doors to leave in fresh air.

Effective protection during pollination

We, ourselves, have lived with such a ventilation system for over 15 years and as your host would not want you to miss out on it during your stay. Further advantages: Mosquitoes, pollen beetles, lady bugs, wasps, fruit flies and other nuisances stay outside – for everybody’s enjoyment!

Tease-free material & home textiles

When building the Strandresidenz, we placed much importance on the usage of environmentally-friendly material. This is the whole house has nothing but marble floors.

The mattresses in the apartments are pocket-spring mattresses in high quality (200 x 92 cm). At your request, we can provide an allergy-friendly mattress casing. The blankets and pillows are made of high-quality synthetic-material. Non-allergy sufferers can request down blankets and pillows.

Our porcelain dishes are lead- and cadmium free, according to the guidelines of the state of California/USA.

Until now, all allergy-sufferers have enjoyed their stay! We are looking forward to hearing your review.

Smoking- and animal-free house!

We only provide non-smoking apartments for guest without pets! The whole house, this also means in the apartments, has been equipped with automatic smoke- and fire detectors, which are extremely sensitive.

Despite the endless discussions with our grandchildren: We do not accept animals in our Villa! Horseback riders, anglers etc. are able to access the house through a gate with an accessible shower through the basement.

Electric smog

was able to be reduced distinctly through the KNX-technique. The greatest part of the high voltage- and extra-low-voltage-cable is that it is only current-carrying, when the consumer switches it on.

Noise control

Our windows and doors and built after a high resistance-norm. Pleasant side effect: They cause a high noise control. Even inside the house, we have been mindful of high noise control.

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Dates & facts

Renting principles

  1. Minimum renting: 5 Nights
  2. Minimum renting around New Year’s: 7 nights
  3. Arrival and departure is possible any day of the week!
  4. We are a SMOKE- and ANIMAL-free house!
  5. We do not make any exceptions!

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