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Apartment with sauna & fitness

Wellness for all senses

Relax, unwind, re-energize – relaxation in Kühlungsborn starts with the Strandresidenz.

At times, anyone needs some time off to relax. How about a visit at a cafe with maritime atmosphere, right next to the port? Or would you prefer an unhurried walk, preferably along the beach? Everything that soothes the soul – can be find right here.

Experience the therapeutic nature of the Mecklenburg bay. Enjoy the interaction of the elements of all senses: The refreshing coolness of the sea, the sweet breeze on your skin from the breath of the Baltic Sea, the soft whirring of the swell along with the vastness of the sparkling sea and the fantastic colours of the colours on the horizon. Look forward to many unforgettable moments!

Our own sauna in the Villa

You will reach complete relaxation when visiting our finish sauna (Company TYLÖ) with Kneipp-footbaths. Situated right in the basement of our house and easily reached by the elevator. This is where you will be able to refuel on colder days to get your circulation back on track. With the help of intelligent technologies, you can switch on the sauna right from your apartment.

By the way: Since our sauna is only being used by our guests, you will almost always have it all for yourself. On request, we would love to reserve a specific time for your use only. A masseuse will come by on request.

Fitness & leisure area

Whomever enjoys to actively relax, will find in our fitness area a treadmill, a bike and a stepper by the brand TUNTURI. On your request we would enjoy booking a Personal Trainer for you, who will advise and supervise you competently.

For entertainment during your training, you will be able to find a TV and stereo equipment. In a small bar, you will be able to find refreshing beverages; in the additional refrigerator you can keep beverages you brought along, cooled. Additionally, you will find board games, books and magazines. A computer and a fax are also free for you to use.

No solarium

Recommended by the Federal Government, we decided to not have a solarium. More information here.

Tips for swimmers

The saltwater-public pool KÜBOMARE with 29 degree-warm sea water is situated only 250m away. It opened in January 2010 and offers 25-meter swimlanes among others.

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Dates & facts

Sauna area

  1. Enough space for 4 people
  2. Shower
  3. Kneipp-footbaths
  4. 3 sun beds
  5. 2 armchairs
  6. Personal scale
  7. Toilet

Fitness area

  1. treadmill
  2. Bike
  3. Stepper by TUNTURI
  4. TV and stereo equipment
  5. Small bar and refrigerator
  6. Computer
  7. Fax and copier

Leisure area

  1. Foosball
  2. Dartboard
  3. Table tennis
  4. Pool table
  5. Freezer for joint utilization

The grounds in the fitness area and sauna are equipped with non-slip grounds whilst the ground in the leisure area is made of gentle linoleum.

Proven water quality

Swimming season begins May 20th and ends September 20th. During this time, regular check-ups are done by employees of the local health authorities, at least once a month. Next to visual inspection on pollution and clusters of algae, on site the visual depth and ph-number are being measured. If needed, warnings and bathing bans are being issued.
Altogether, 38 bathing sites on Binnensee and the Baltic Sea are being controlled, in Kühlungsborn the measuring points are on the main-bae area Ost and in the port. 2009, the water on the coast by Bad Doberan was almost only ‘Very good’.

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