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Disabled guests

The path is (almost) free!

We are always happy to welcome more demanding guests. Especially those with small disabilities …

The Strandresidenz was built so that guests with disabilities have easy access to any place. This applies to everybody – but not all disabilities. This means that we offer an environment with only few barriers but it is still not completely accessible!

However: Hampered guests that did not leave the house, often said they had a beautiful view on the promenade, beach and appreciated the beautiful Baltic Sea. Something that was especially appreciated was that one can connect two apartments, so that support staff were always close but one could appreciate privacy (see the outline of our apartments).

If you have a disability yourself, or one of your relatives does: Here is some information on our apartments and its immediate surroundings. We also have a few reviews of guests with disabilities that have stayed with us. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Outside the apartments

The building has wide doors, a wide lift, wide parking spaces, a lot of space to move and manoeuvrer around for wheelchairs in and outside the door, as well as inside the staircase and in the basement.

There are – even on the outside – no ramps (not needed). However: The doors to the underground garage and the entrance door have, because of security reasons due to automatic steel spring doorkeepers, a 3cm high threshold.

No doors (except the one of the elevator) are automatic doors. This means that when opening the door, you might need assistance. Also: In front of the fitness- and sauna area is unfortunately one step. A mobile ramp is present.

Inside the apartments

All apartments are without thresholds and all grounds are made of rough marble. Stable chairs with arm rests are inside the apartments as well as telephones with big digits.

The light- and doorbell switches are at around 100 to 120 cm height. The inter-phone system is at around 130 to 145 cm height, the video inside the apartment is at 140cm height.


The beds have an access height at 50cm (From the ground to the end of the mattress). We can always make more space for wheelchairs. Since our double beds are connected through hooks (92 x 200 cm) single beds, we can always disconnect the two.

Bathroom/ toilet & shower

The toilet seats are at a 46 to 48 cm height (the ground is made of a ceramic top edge), and on each side of the toilet seat is a handle.

The showers have at least one handle. The shower head is adjustable in height. A waterproof shower seat can always be provided.

None of our showers is accessible with a wheelchair. Even thought they are even at ground, the have a (3 cm high) threshold. Guests should therefore be able to shower without needing assistance. In apartment 4, the shower is considerably bigger than in the other apartments (1,42 qm / rectangular 142 x 100 cm / door width 62 cm) and without thresholds. 2 People therefore have enough space. The available shower seat can only be used here and in the sauna area, with supporting staff.

The counters in the bathroom are 89 cm high (due to the dryer), the counters in the kitchen are 94cm high and cannot be moved.

The window frame to the terrace/balcony has a threshold of about 6-13cm. A mobile ramp is available in apartment 4 and 7. Due to lack of demand, we have not come to purchase more.

Not perfectly suited for wheelchairs

Due to the experience of a wheelchair user (40 years old) and others, we have come to realise that only apartment 4 is suited for wheelchair users that need assistance. A mobility should however exist e.g. entering the shower, using the toilet. People that are constantly in need of their wheelchair have trouble using the apartment. We would always like to book supporting staff for guests in demand of assistance, that come from the deacons association in northern Mecklenburg (, which pays its performance through self-paying patients directly due to the time they spent. This is the contact information to reach the contact person of the supporting service: telephone: 038294/15223, Fax: 038294/15224, E-Mail:

People with disabilities that need assistance should contact us beforehand! Tel. 0170 4552 162

One of our family members is affected!

Medical attendance & Supporting services

We have not yet made arrangements for aid for the visually impaired, blind and deaf! We are always thankful for tips how to make their stay easier when staying with us.

Addresses for dialysis a´can be found on the right. Multiple ambulant nursing services offer their service in Kühlungsborn. We are happy to give you any addresses.

SOS-emergency calls are being purchased. At the moment we are working on its technical practicability. Please ask us, if you need our help.

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Dates & facts

Overview on the thresholds

  1. Underground garage door, 3 cm
  2. Entrance door, 3 cm
  3. Shower door, 3 cm
  4. Balcony-/terrace door, 6-13 cm
  5. Door in the sauna area, 0 cm
    The sauna area has an accessible ramp.

Entrance passage of the doors

  1. Entrance- and underground garage door: 110 cm
  2. Elevator door: 90 cm
  3. Saircase doors: 100 cm und mehr
  4. Apartment entrance doors: 91 cm
  5. Room doors: ca. 82 cm
  6. Living room doors in apartment 5+6: 79 cm

Bed measurements

  1. Mattress size: 92 x 200 cm
  2. Entrance height: 50 cm
  3. Existing supporting aid of the 2 supporting beds (2.20 x 1,20 and 2,20 x 1,00m)
    Shower seat
    Rubbing plate
    If you have any questions or need assistance in any other way, please ask us. Most supporting aids are able to be rented from local rehab companies.

Important for dialysis-patients

The following addresses for dialysis-patients were recommended by doctors and affected people.

  1. Krankenhaus Bad Doberan, Am Waldrand 1, 18209 Hohenfelde, Tel. 038293 94-0,
  2. KfH Kuratorium für Dialyse und Nierentransplantation e.V., KfH Dialysezentrum, Ernst Heydemann Str. 20, 18057 Rostock, Tel. 0381-20881-51
  3. KfH Nierenzentrum für Kinder und Jugendliche, Rembrandtstr. 16-17 (Uni-Klinik-Gelände) 18057 Rostock, Tel. 0381-20881-0
  4. Nephrologische Gemeinschaftspraxis Dr. med. Michael Tieß, DM Hebestreit, Dr. med. Ramlow etc., Nobelstr. 53, 18059 Rostock, Tel. 0381-405020
  5. Nephrologische Gemeinschaftspraxis Dres. med. Winkler und Michelsen St. Petersburger Str. 18c, 18107 Rostock, Tel. 0381-77681110
  6. Uni-Klinik, Ernst Heydemann Str. 5, 18057 Rostock, Tel. 0381 494-7741
  7. Kuratorium für Dialyse im Städtischen Krankenhaus Wismar Störtebeker Str. 6, 23966 Wismar, Tel. 03841 33-129

Please inform us if know of any more addresses or of any changes.

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