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Wooden furniture

Witness from the Bronze Age

Centuries old – yet still alive: The wooden furniture and installations ‘tell’ their own stories…

Master carpenter Peter Eickworth (Bremen) created gorgeous built-in units and a unique oak-table with a piece of riverine-oak from the bronze age for apartment 7. The Design was done by interior architect Rainer Lemcke-Burandt after reconciliation with the builder.

Oak furniture from the Bronze Age

At first, we decided on the veneer of the swamp oak. Unfortunately, there was no fully dried solid wood, anywhere near – even after extensive search- that had the important characteristics. At last, a root of a riverine-oak from the Bronze Age that was relatively dry was found in a gravel pit of a main bight near Burgkunstadt. The age was examined and estimated to about 1631-1536 BC.

Listen to the whispers of time

One half of the root war used for the penthouse (Explains its name ‘Eikboom’), whilst the other half is still waiting to be used. One plank on the wall acts as a decorative eye-catcher. Here and there, when temperature changes in the apartment occur, one can head a quiet sigh, a cautious cracking of the wood.

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