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Tradition meets the modern world

Historic painting techniques give the interior and ambience of our apartments and unforgettable mark.

‘Invisible’ Recipient

Artist Frank Wagner (Kühlungsborn) adapted our satellite dish to make it look almost invisible. He used two different colours, as recommended by the antenna company. We tested its reception before and after painting it and were not able to detect any differences.

Decorative use of colours

Artist Ulrich Hollmann (Bartelsdorf) lacquered the ceilings of our penthouse as well as the walls with hand-painted streaks. Further wall areas were treated with brush rendering-swipe-techniques on a flaxseed-oil-base.

Paintings on home accessories

Artist Margarete Reuter (Bremen) painted many of our chairs, tables, lamps, cupboards, flower pots and more. This technique had already been used in the older times (as on the right), to balance unevenness.

Rare Paintings and stitches

Almost all pieces are originals from the family and purchased on auctions very recently.

Fayence—an almost forgotten art

Miss Thudes Zander and her daughter lead the studio for fine Fayance on the Heiligendamm countryside. 10 Fayance tiles were purchased in their fayancery in Hinter Bollhagen (4km east to Kühlungsborn) that were created for the doors of the apartments. They represent the work of poet Fritz Reuter:

Fayence in the Strandresidenz

Only few faïence studios master the historic art, which does not only include creativity and art itself. The knowledge about the anomalies of the faïence art, the composition of clay as well as the guidance of the flame are important requirements of the manufacture of faïence.

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