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Pictures from the inside of the Earth

Experience the majestic grace of premium marble, as beautiful as mother nature created it.

Marble – no other natural material reflects the strength of the earth in such an elegant way as marble does. Chattoyant colours and fine drawings justify the one-of-a-kind beauty of the most valuable building material.

All of our apartments have marble floors of a light, and elegant look. The Penthouse includes the noble types of rock Verde Aquamarine and Noir St. Laurent. The work and models were created by the Bremish interior architect Rainer Lemcke-Burandt.

Extensive relocation

The artistic execution of the extensive marble works in apartment 7 were done by the Grama Blend GmbH from Bremen-Schwanewede. The marble plates have been laid seamlessly, maintaining their natural texture. In some areas, the backlight is lit. The furniture, as well as their doors were resurfaced by continuous texture.

Pillars and architraves

The entrance of the steam sauna in apartment 7 was planned with two pillars as well as two architraves by the inner architect. Two half-pillars frame the whirlpool area. The extensive work was undertaken by the company Naturstein-Gehr from Tangermünde. The pillars as well as the architraves were made of solid blocks of Noir-St.Laurent.

Mosaic work in the steam sauna

Another extensive work was undertaken by the floor tiler the Karl Wehrhahn GmbH & Co. KG from Achim for the steam sauna in apartment 7. The walls and peak elements are made of dry components, just like the model our architect had created from the mosaic of the Italian brand SICIS.

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